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about MLW

Mary Lou Watson Design LLC (MLW) is a digital graphic design studio offering customized visual communications that can be produced and manufactured in various print mediums.  We mostly design for manufacturers, corporate  brands and an extensive private clientele. We are ready to offer our licensed, inspired works of art to you for reproduction.  

Prints are designed to captivate through color and textures within a spectrum of traditional and non-traditional materials to create vibrant imageries.  Our design concepts often deal with shared human experiences that are created to inform and inspire viewers to capture their personal expression. 


We find value in our process.  There is always a story behind the collection of graphics we design. Sharing the inspirational story and process behind our collection is a wonderful way to engage viewers. We want our customers and buyers to feel like they are purchasing a thought out concept rather than just a random print. Prints are meld from traditional to modern concepts to create memorable, artistically branded artwork.


The foundation of the business is to provide digital prints that can be used to reflect one’s stylish individuality or transforming livable, functional spaces.  Our Mission is to inspire innovative and timeless designs that create a sense of place, individuality, expression and life transformation.

our Collections

concrete + retro + majestic +eclectic

The following collections were inspired by creating a modern take on 80’s retro flair. Shapes and colors emulate the backdrop of mod architectural structures and its layering of textures, abstract colors, concrete lines and seamless geometrical patterns. With the use of eclectic soft hues, the graphic prints complements a nostalgic and chic art canvas. The subtle designs are versatile and can be reproduced for both urban contemporary and modern products. MLW used similar colors to Pantone 2017 trends from Kale, Hazelnut, Pink Yarrow , Pale Dogwood and others to create a spectrum of eclectic print designs.

 - Danielle R.

Multi-Color Building
Modern Poster Print
Color Concrete
circles-polka dots-retro mod style decorating
Retro Repeat Design


Vogue Magazine Print
Vogue Magazine Print
Vogue Magazine Prnt
Custom prints by Mary Lou Watson Design
Modern Interior Design

All work on this site is copyrighted by Mary Lou Watson Design LLC under Unites States and International Copyright Statutes. This internet site and all its contents are protected by copyright and may not be produced in whole or in part without written prior permission. 

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