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Mary Lou Watson Design (MLW) is a surface Print design studio specializing in modern, abstract and minimalistic graphic prints. We design in illustration, digital, watercolor and multi-graphic photographic mediums to offer you personalized and stylish products.

Our latest for Art of Where includes 3 Retro Collections: "Urban Concrete," Lilly Nauka," and

"Pretty Petite."



Art Of Where custom creates quality wearable garments and accessories printed with artwork. All items are produced in their Montreal Canada studio where printing, sewing, production and quality control are stellar from start to finish. View our collection now under our store Mary Lou Watson Design 

All work on this site is copyrighted by Mary Lou Watson Design LLC under Unites States and International Copyright Statutes. This internet site and all its contents are protected by copyright and may not be produced in whole or in part without written prior permission. 

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