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Principal Designer

Danielle is a self-taught artist and painter. Following an 18-year extensive career in Executive Management within Fund Development, Urban Regional Planning and Design, Render left the field to pursue a design studio. After managing 32 artists, several design art committees and directing over $1.8 million of public art installations is when Render knew it was time to communicate her artistic skills. Her artistry and brand has been privately commissioned and licensed with vividly color-inspired, eclectic, mid-century modern and contemporary prints.  


Danielle and team works primarily with digital, oil, acrylic, watercolor, and pencil illustrations. Customized designs and licensed surface are prints available for fabric, apparel, home decor accessories, dishes, glassware, pillows, furniture, tech accessories, and original matters of art. Through a collection of mixed media art, the MLW brand has created signature prints that interprets how we view our surroundings ...artfully.

Mary Lou Watson Design Licensed Prints.Copyrighted.


The daughter of a painter, Danielle has been exposed to the arts for long as she can remember. Her signature style of layering seamless textures, colors and abstract patterns into simple images became popularized with quilt patterns she previously designed for her Grandmother, Mary Lou Watson-Pressley, who taught her how to quilt, a skill that has been passed down from generations since 1910. Render then translated her artwork into greeting cards and digital imag­es for wall art as a young artist in college. Render graduated with a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism/Public Affairs and MALS in Public Affairs. Thereafter, she successfully built a career in Public Affairs, Urban Planning, and creating Livable Communities & Art Spaces in Northeast Ohio and other U.S. metropolitan areas.

Mary Lou Watson Design Licensed Print.Copyrighted.


"I love to be creative every day. My sense of expression and style is to create a visual and textural allusion that creates an artistic moment in time with the use of colors, textures and emotions. I see color in everything I create. I love to Live Artfully!" 

Modern Art
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