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3 Easy Steps To Defining Your Home Decor Personal Style

So you're thinking about updating a room or defining a new space but you don't know your personal style. Well there are three key tasks that I ask my clients to do before we work together. Although I've been commissioned to design wall coverings, wall prints and textile fabrics, I want my clients to be inspired about their own thought process when transforming their space and surroundings.

You can do it too!


First, gather a few personal items and treasures that you like or things you just cant live without. I can usually determine distinctive personality and taste factors for most clients during this stage. It can be clothing, structural lamps, flowery pillows, heirloom blankets, candle holders, jewelry, photos, or anything. It's an amazing way to get to know your clients along with the stories behind the item. I had a client who had a hand woven blanket from Mexico that his grandfather gifted to him. His outdoor landscape style was very southwestern but his interior was very metropolitan and modern. Another client had chosen several metal inspired artwork and a glass blown vase with colorful overlays which was very different in contrast to her French Country provincial surrounding. We were able to subtract items that conflicted with current style choices from both of our client's interior spaces. We added transitional pieces and wall coverings to tie in and enhance their newly discovered personal style.


Another exercise is creating an inspirational board by collecting photos of items such as artwork, lighting, landscapes, fabrics, neckties, packaging, beauty products, nail polish, everyday items or anything that is visually stimulating to you. I can usually determine if there are connections to themes, textures, colors, hues, lines, curves, glass, influences of elegance, dramatic, contemporary, traditional or simplistic styles that could seamlessly work together or alone. The items discovered on the board will help shape the design opportunities for the space. .


The last exercise is to determine how you will use the discovered items in the space. Ask yourself if the space is private to you or will be frequent by others? Is there a central focus or area in the space that you want to accent which can influence the direction and transformation of the redesign? Once this is determine we begin working on design proportions and functionality of the space and its surroundings based on your personal style. You will be surprised on how you can redesign a space if you take the time to walk and imagine how necessity connects to the functionality. We are now able to dictate what accent, lines, textures, colors you selected would compliment the space and in turn begin solving your needs for a functional area.

I had a client who loved these three large bookcases that took over half of his small office which compromised his desk, workspace and function. He used the bookcases to display memorabilia along with other items he picked up from his travels. We replaced the oversized bookcases with modern shelving that took up half a wall leaving adequate floor space. We were able to move his desk and add two chairs, area rug and a modern accent wall print behind the desk. We added a bench underneath the shelving with decorative pillows and floor lamp. His family never thought this small space could be transformed into a room that was not only functional but reflected his personal style. The key is to envision its use and create a viable space that is now visually alluring.

Once you determine your inspirational theme, personal style, and how you want to use the space, explore and research available brands and items that reflect your new discoveries. Whether your style is contemporary, mid century modern, traditional or others, there are retailers and brands that will cater to your personal iconic style.

Perhaps you're not looking to purchase new furniture but reimaging items to be resurfaced. There are independent and retail designers with surface prints readily available for reproduction as a viable option.

These easy steps have always been very essential when working with our clients to solve their specific needs and defining their personal style. By just adding new fabric or upholstery to current furniture or pillows, updating walls with bold accents, or just incorporating canvas wall prints, your iconic, personal style will make a lasting statement and impression.

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