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Inspired by Summer Prints

My design studio has been working on some great prints that will be sold on various retail online sites this summer. I am inspired by so many outdoor backdrops with fluid motions fitting together the most delicate parts into larger gleaming spaces. The beauty of art is that it can be transformed into something unique from its layers of movement to overlays of vibrant colors. Mary Lou Watson Design's summer collection has resonated into what I call " Urban Concrete | Retro Majestic///Eclectic," featuring a fresh take and interpretation on seamless eclectic patterns and lines. A variety of shapes and playful lines act as charming and whimsical discoveries. These prints will make an accent statement to any solid background and finish for your home décor and outdoor entertaining.

Here are a few of my print designs inspired by "Urban Concrete |Retro Majestic///Eclectic" from fabric, pillows, tea towels to accent chairs and wallpaper. These product prints by Mary Lou Watson Design are exclusively available for purchasing at,,, and websites. They will be great for housewarming gifts, personal summer accessories or even colorful pop art linen for your next party. The following are WHAT'S HOT:

"Georgia Pineapple" Wallpaper available at in July 2017
"Color Concrete" Pillows and Accessories available at in July 2017
"Crackle Red" Pillows and Accessories available at in July 2017